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JBRecording Radio Goes Local

It's official - JBRecording Radio is now playing interviews, material, and performances by local artists. No matter when you tune in, you're guaranteed to hear something fresh from right around the corner. 

From 12 midnight until 12 noon, Artist Spotlight interview shows will be playing on rotation. This will give you a chance to get to know some local artists and hear their story. You can hear about how they discovered their passion for music and then chose the path they're on of music. It's amazing to hear how different all of our paths are, but still strikingly similar to one another. I've really been enjoying getting to know all of these artists with whom I've had the pleasure of chatting, and am really excited about all of the ones yet to come. If you'd like to be featured on this station, head over to the Contact Us page and reach out. Please be sure to send links to any of your material posted online (ReverbNation, YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo, etc.) and we'll go from there. 

From 12 noon until 12 midnight, a mix of the music by the artists interviewed on the Spotlight shows will play continuously. You can tune in and check out music from bands that may be right around the corner from you. 

As of this posting, here are the artists currently being featured on JBRecording Radio: 

I wanted to thank all of the above artists for their contributions and support of JBRecording, and invite anyone out there to reach out to me if you'd like to be featured on this station. It all starts with an e-mail. Head over to the Contact page and send an e-mail. 


- JB