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A/V Support? What's that?

A/V Support, or Audio/Visual Support, is one of the many services offered here at JBRecording. I figured I'd write about it since its name is somewhat vague, and it can be applied to so many situations. To summarize it simply, I provide any kind of Audio/Visual Technical and Logistical assistance to ensure that a live meeting or event goes smoothly. Regardless of the type of presentation or event, having a solid audio/visual technical support on-site will ensure everything goes through without any incident.

What types of events can you provide this support for?

Business meetings, live music events, lectures, family gatherings, and backyard parties are all examples of events I have run a/v support for in the past.

What equipment do you use for these events?

I provide a main PA system with 16-channel mixer and 3 wireless microphones (two lavalier-style and one handheld wireless), and can bring up to 16 microphones in total (3 wireless + 12 wired if desired.) I also have a digital projector, and PC and Mac laptops with Microsoft Office and Apple's iWork suite respectively. You don't even have to supply a computer. If you have a presentation file, simply bring it on a flash drive, and we can load it on to one of my machines at the time of the event. 

How far can you travel? Is "XYZ City" too far?

Send me an e-mail and we'll discuss your needs. Most likely I'll be able to make it happen.

What sets you apart from other places that rent PA systems/gear?

I will transport all equipment needed to and from the location, set it up, and manage it. Also, I will provide technical support on-site for any relevant technology used in the event, mine or yours. (For example, if your computer isn't linking up with the projector, I'll make it work.) I also have the option to stream your live event on a public or private internet radio stream. This is most useful for those who want to be able to come to the event but can't, for whatever reason.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss Audio/Visual Support for an upccoming event, please feel free to contact me via the Contact page and we'll go from there.