Virtual Collaboration • Audio Mixing & Mastering • Voiceover


John is extremely thorough throughout the entire process, from planning and scheduling down to the finished product. John helped me work on some voice over content for my business and I could not be happier. I will be contacting John for more work in the future.
— Anthony F.
Personable, Inviting, knowledgeable, and professional. Had a recording session where I needed to perform. John assisted in making me comfortable and yet he never allowed me to give anything but my best. The entire time was professional and inspiring. Excellent experience!
— Brandon B
I highly recommend John for any recording project you may be interested in working on. His musical skills are incredible along with an amazing ear for detail. He will take your project, guide you, and ultimately provide you with something far beyond your expectations. You will be glad you’ve worked with him, and will absolutely be planning your next sessions after you’ve completed your first project with him!

*two extremely proud and enthusiastic thumbs up!*
— Mandy O.
John was able to provide film scores at an incredibly fast turn around time. His ability to create music that is not only wonderful but also fully original is incredible.

Would definitely recommend to anyone who would like any sound-related projects.
— Andre M.
John Bamber is a constant professional in the studio. Thinking back to several sessions that I’ve been on with him as engineer or producing, his attention to detail is superb, and always seems to bring out the best in the musicians he records. He is also a great friend and has always been a pleasure to work with.
— Ricky E.
Recording a drum set can be an adventure in and of itself, and so can playing one. Working with John was a great experience because not only did he professionally record my drumming, he talked me through what he was doing and why. This made me both interested in the process and assured that he had everything under control. This speaks to the fact that John has a passion for music recording and the heart to genuinely want to pass this craft along to those he works with. This passion is truly what can bring “life” back to music. I was very impressed by John’s professionalism, problem solving on the fly and creative mic placement and mixing. I look forward to working with John again in the future!
— Rocco C.
John and I discussed a piece of music and I asked him about it and if he could recreate it and share it with me. He was in the process of moving [out of state] and still managed to find time for me within those two weeks. Amazing.
— Dianne A.
John Bamber was super easy to work with. His attention to detail and overall care matched my own and put any concerns away. He has a great ear for what sounds good as well.. Would definitely recommend him, and will hire him in the future!
— Dallan R.
In all my years (over 20) in recording music both live and studio work, I have yet to work with a producer/musician/engineer that has surpassed or even come close to equating to John Bamber (JBRecording). I would recommend him to anyone both locally or from afar to consider him on just about any project - jingles, voice overs, full albums, EPs and beyond!
— Tera J.
I am a NYC and Boston based singer and vocal coach. John Bamber is the only recording engineer I trust to portray my voice at it’s best. We have worked together closely since 2000. In addition to precise attention to detail as an engineer and producer , John also brings true artistry to the studio and the live stage as an instrumentalist. Adding to his creativity are his pursuits as a photographer. He’s the best!!!
— Ellen S.