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Artist Spotlight: TJ Fox

This was one of my more memorable Spotlight shows. This was the first on-location interview I did, hauling a portable rig into Manhattan and broadcasting from an "undisclosed location". We made reference to the "concrete cell" we were in because it was exactly that; a concrete cell with acoustic treatment on the walls and no circulation. Regardless of the space... 

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ASH: "Rush Into Love" NOW AVAILABLE!!

2 years in the making, and now it's official - the newest song from Brooklyn-based soulful singer/songwriter ASH, "Rush Into Love", has been released TODAY. You can download it directly from his website, www.mynameisash.com RIGHT NOW!  

Originally leaked on ASH's "Artist Spotlight" from a few weeks ago, the song is now ready for your immediate enjoyment.  You can check out the Artist Spotlight show here

All production work done here in-house at JBRecording. If you have material you'd like recorded and would like to sell online, contact me and I can help you make that happen! 

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