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Not your average recording session...

Let's say your band is performing at a bar in New York City. This band is starting to grow their fan base through Social Media and online sales of their latest album.  Undoubtedly they will be reaching some fans beyond their regular radius, and thus may not be able to reach them all. 

Or can they? 

Why not be able to broadcast the show at this upcoming bar over the web for fans across the globe to enjoy? Put that on your twitters and facebooks and be able to play in front of even more fans. I've proved this concept works by setting up an impromptu session with my good friend ASH.

The setup was simple; a Blue Yeti Pro (great mic for less than $300. TONS of uses) in stereo, going into an Apogee Duet, and then broadcast live via Nicecast to an online streaming service provider.

"But, what about the Wi-Fi???" Some of you may be wondering. Here's where it gets interesting. The facility we were in DID in fact offer complimentary wi-fi... but I brought my own. I used my 4th-generation iPad on Verizon's 4G LTE network as my data connection tethered via USB to my MacBook Pro. I didn't use a ton of data, much to my surprise.

SO... with this broadcast having been successful, I can now broadcast a live show (when also recording it multitrack to be mixed later, possibly sold as a special live EP on iTunes? See where I'm going with this??). 

Here's a tune ASH recorded prior to the broadcast. Great voice, great soul. I love every chance I get to work with him, and certainly am looking forward to the many more to come. The song is originally by Patty Griffin called "Up to the Mountain".